"Segui il cuore... Milk & Fly"


Mitzi Bollani launches the project "Segui il cuore... (follow your heart) Milk & Fly" to invite worldwide airports to offer qualified spaces dedicated to nursing mothers.

Today, flying is the most practical solution for families: it saves time and thanks to new and welcoming facilities, it could be very relaxing. We are speaking of the good service offered by Heathrow airport of London as well as Aeroporto Internazionale di Caselle – Torino to nursing mothers and their babies, which provided dedicated areas for breastfeeding, equipped with MimmaMà chairs. At Terminal 4 in Heathrow Airport MimmaMà armchairs have been chosen in all the colors range: white, green, yellow and lilac.

"Breastfeeding is a Right to Health of Mothers and Babies and it should be encouraged with a guaranteed standard of hygiene, functionality, safety and intimacy”- says Mitzi Bollani - “A nursing mother should not be obliged to hide in her car or other unsuitable places just to avoid disturbing other people and obtain privacy”. It would be a good opportunity to offer mothers (and father!!!) a true quality service to really special people: your best users and clients!

The project "Follow your heart ... Milk & Fly" is the creation of a network of qualified corners dedicated to the travellers with a new born baby and to breastfeeding mothers. That good service is the best demonstration of attention and hospitality to your clients and it will encourage families and theirs friends travelling more. Breastfeeding is a natural gesture: Italian and International law establish mothers’ freedom and Rights to nurse their babies in public areas. Obviously having a dedicated, intimate and welcoming place is better: the mothers are more relaxed, they can dedicate themselves to their babies without being disturbed by the outside world and the babies suck in full relax without distractions.

The breastfeeding positions are tiring and long lasting: the new borns need to eat 10 to 18 times a day! That is why it is important to have a chair that supports the mother's arms and the baby, facilitating the discharge of the back and offering a good lumbar support. MimmaMà was designed by the architect Mitzi Bollani specifically for that purpose. It supports both mother and baby in every breastfeeding position, including the “tandem” one for the simultaneous feeding of twins. Its soft footrest helps to maintain the correct position of the mother’s back giving her a greater relaxation. The wide armrests facilitate the child's support and become welcoming and relaxing support: an absolute pleasure for everyone!

MimmaMà® is the unique chair for breastfeeding: it is a medical device with CE marking, ergonomic, fireproof, antibacterial, latex-free, easy to sanitize and to use. Available in different models and colours it easily fits into any public space as such as hospitals, shopping centers, airports, museums, libraries, pharmacies, counselling centres... The quality of its finishes and stitching, made by the best Italian artisans, places MimmaMà at the top of Made in Italy products. The architect Mitzi Bollani designs small corners in tubular aluminum, covered with stretch fabric. Those stands, called MimmaMà Point, are self-supporting and lightweight, made in different shapes and sizes personalized with graphic and logos to attract attention and encourage sponsorship. That distinctive service will become an opportunity for good reputation and word of mouth.