The project "Segui il cuore..." (follow the heart) launched at Expo Milano 2015, aims to create a network of permanent breastfeeding stations in every place of life that are reserved for the mother to breastfeed her baby in peace, sheltered from prying eyes, with maximum comfort. Breastfeeding works on demand: new born babies need to eat 10-18 times a day! The breastfeeed continues for 2-3 years of the child. Supporting the breastfeeding means helping the mother out from home and responding to the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

The stations of the network "Segui il cuore..." are equipped with the specific MimmaMà breastfeeding chair that has accompanied many mothers and children in the first months of life together, the most important and difficult, offering comfort and functionality from the hospital to the home. Today it is ready to protect the Right to Health of women and babies even in public areas: shopping centers, airports, parks, pharmacies, libraries... thanks to the MimmaMà Point breastfeeding areas.


The MimmaMà Point self-supporting stands guarantee intimacy and protection even in highly visited environments: here the mother can breastfeed or simply cuddle and reassure her child without distractions. MimmaMà Point offers an easily recognizable socially useful service that helps and facilitates life in a very special moment.