Shopping Centers living places suitable for entire family


The shopping centers are part of our daily lives, places where to meet people and socialize. For this reason they must offer outstanding supporting services. Our company Leura Ltd. promotes products and projects to make malls suitable for families realizing excellent services that meet the needs of current customers (moms, dads, grandparents) and future ones (children).

Our team of architects, designers and technologists can offer you solutions sized on your available spaces ensuring accessibility, health, safety, ease of use, cleaning, inclusiveness without forgetting high performance and aesthetic values. We value your commitment by giving you the label Designed for You&All.

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Nursery, Toilet & Family Room

Leura creates new services that focus on needs of people: MimmaMà - the chair for breastfeeding - and Pu.Si.Co. - the washbasin & changing mat - are innovative products which offer comfort, hygiene, safety and emotionality in baby nursery areas and family rooms.
MimmaMà is a medical device, with CE declaration, specifically designed to support mother and baby in all nursing positions, including the one called “tandem” for breastfeeding twins simultaneously, avoiding postural pains. Ergonomic, flame retardant, antibacterial, latex free and original designed, MimmaMà symbolizes the Rights to Health of Mothers & Babies.
Pu.Si.Co. is a washbasin with a changing mat area: the shelled shape guarantees an easy sanitation facilitating the diaper changing and baby hygiene. Made of acrylic stone, it is warm and smooth to the touch, allowing mothers to manage their child in maximum comfort. Pu.Si.Co. has already been successfully used in many Family Toilets. Pu.Si.Co., Baby WC and Baby Washbasin by Leura make up the "Family Toilet", labeled with Designed for You&All mark, to value your commitment and ensure the degree of accessibility, health and safety of the service to your customers.

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Family Room Centro Commerciale Nave de Vero

Family Room Shooping Center Galeria Krakowska

Lactation Corner in Shopping Center Gallery

Our breastfeeding stands, called MimmaMà Point are easily recognizable and customizable. They fit every space and answer requirements of privacy and cleaning of mothers and baby. MimmaMà Point are made of tubular aluminum and coated in stretch fabric, which is removable and washable. They are realized with different shapes, sizes and graphics and furnished with MimmaMà armchairs and a functional table. They could be completed with a changing mat and the game NiDondolino to cradle babies. MimmaMà Point offers a socially useful and high profile service. It makes mother’s life easier: it is an investment paying for itself over time and enhancing your reputation by word of mouth.





An innovative game to create fun and group play saving space! NiDondolo is the game for you! It is a swivel bowl which modifies its movement to every little touch. The game is able to contain also 25 children playing together. It has always varied and unexpected movements, because NiDondolo is free in all the three movements: swinging, twisting, undulating.
Children should adapt to the new movement without liability: this game develops the proprioceptive activities. NiDondolo is an inclusive game and it allows the spontaneous integration of children with disabilities, with mobility, sensory and cognitive limitations, encouraging group play. NiDondolo is speed, excitement, fun, and accessible to all! It has the label Designed for You&ALL.




WiFi Zone

For both internal and external WiFi Zone, Mitzi Bollani designed Janus, produced by Leura: an ergonomic chair made by bending a steel sheet previously laser-cut, painted with RAL colors or realized in pictorial version. Despite being a sitting made of iron, Janus is particularly convenient: it supports your spine and its slight rocking motion produced by shape, increases your comfort.
One of its features is the multi-directionality: you can sit on the traditional way, but also on the opposite one. The user can sit at 360° always finding a comfortable support, thanks to the backrest which becomes an armrest or a small table.
Janus is very functional! Its curves are fascinating and become practical shelves for personal items: a support for a laptop, a space to store a briefcase or books immediately under the seat, a space to store and control your bag above the pedestal. All that in the space of 40x40cm. The pictorial versions are extremely interesting: we can achieve the customer's request.