Leura srl

Leura s.r.l. is a company, based in Piacenza –Italy , founded by Mitzi Bollani, whose mission is to take care of the needs of all the people creating proper and innovative products with high values such as accessibility, ease of use, safety, health and aesthetics. Leura supports breastfeeding for the Right to Health of mother and child, promoting an attractive and positive project for realizing comfortable and clean spaces for breastfeeding in public area.

Arch. Mitzi Bollani

Mitzi Bollani is a freelancer architect, artist and designer, since 1978. She researches conditions to provide a social and physical wellbeing to its customers, combining the functional aspects with the aesthetic and artistic ones. She is Consultant to the European Commission: the EESC, EDF, the EBU and other several associations in Italy. In 1998 he founded the group EUCAN, in 1999 the Association DAIEE of which she is chairman, in 2008 she founded LEURA srl.

Helpful Design

Leura’s staff applies a design methodology taking into account the needs of all the stakeholders: end users, service providers, performers, finding good and shared solutions. It considers diversity as a richness and believe that every person has the right of living in a safe, accessible and health environment in which every one can find its own well being. Leura Helpful Design select all necessities of the client, finding innovative ideas and turning them into industrial products through the knowledge of new materials and technologies. Its products ensure accessibility , comfort, health and safety to different users.

Label Designd for You&All

The label "Designed for YOU&ALL" distinguishes interventions and products of high quality performance, to "human scale", that allow every citizen the improvement of their quality of life, increased autonomy and respect for civil rights, minimizing instances of discrimination. The label highlights the requirements of accessibility, health and safety that the product, the structure, infrastructure or service respected. DfY&A rewards those who through their work are able to ensure the highest degree of autonomy, satisfaction of needs, health and safety in the performance of daily activities of end users.