What is MimmaMà?

Even if we do not ourselves remember suckling from our mother’s breast, it remains one of the most intense experience of our lives. The first months in a baby’s life are unique: they allow the child to start coping with its surroundings, establishing a relationship with the most important person. MimmaMà®, designed by the architect Mitzi Bollani, is the only armchair specially designed to help mothers in all breastfeeding positions including the “tandem” for nursing twins simultaneously.

Ergonomic, soft and comfortable MimmaMà® discharges weight from shoulders and back muscles onto the leg support so as to avoid backache from breastfeeding and its seat shape is designed to relieve post-confinement discomfort. The wide armrests support the baby, but they also give a relaxing pleasure for the mother. A handy footrest helps the mother to maintain the correct back posture and a soft pillow facilitates the baby position.

It is a medical device with CE declaration registered in the Italian Medical Device List of Helth Government and in the Australian TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration. MimmaMà® offers made-to-measure comfort which normal beds and chair cannot provide. It is not only for nursing mothers: try it yourself to feel the difference.

What is MimmaMà Point?

MimmaMà® Point is created by the architect Mitzi Bollani to extend and complete the benefits of the MimmaMà® armchair. It offers a safe, clean haven-equipped space for breastfeeding baby or simply to hold and cuddle it. Every baby has its own rhythm of feeds, impossible to programme as for duration and quantity. For this reason, every mother will be happy to find a small corner dedicated to her and her baby which is easy to identify and where she could breastfeed without distractions.

MimmaMà® Point by Leura is an added value for venues which host it. Stands and screens could be personalized with logos to attract attention and encourage sponsorship. According to dimensions and thypology, MimmaMà® Point adapt to any space to accomodate mothers and babies outside home. Inside the stands mothers could find MimmaMà®, the washbasin-changing table PuSiCo and NiDondolo, a game to relax the child.

A simply but heartfelt “THANK YOU” from many mothers finding cleaniless, privacy, safety and functionalism will mean a lot. MimmaMà® Point provides a social useful service that helps families in a special moment of life and makes life easier: an investment that will pay for itself along time and is an occasion of good reputation and word of mouth.

Realize a MimmaMà Point, why?

To encourage breastfeeding

To ensure mother-child relationship

To create wellbeing with a careful design

To avoid mother’s postural pain

To offer a service with CE medical device

To ensure ease of use and cleaning

To provide a visible and communicable service

To build “good reputation” with affordable cost

To get international attention

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A network of excellence of spaces dedicated to mothers for breastfeeding and cuddling their babies when are outside home.

The project - started with Expo Milano 2015 - is intended to achieve a network of permanent stations reserved for mothers where to breastfeed their babies in quiet, sheltered from prying eyes, guaranteed in cleaning and comfort, when they are outside home. The project created by Architect Mitzi Bollani and promoted by Leura srl wants to create free, highly functional and visible points in all spaces of life where you can find a mother with her child: hospitals, libraries, museums, parks, shopping centres, airports...

Supporting breastfeeding - that works on demand and can be extended up to 2-3 years of the child - means helping the mother outside house and meet the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Just places with high attendance, usually unwelcoming for a so intimate moment, have advantage in giving aid to mothers and children. Offer this attention is an opportunity that confirms the true quality of service and the closeness to customers.

"Segui il cuore..." (follow your heart) consists of nursing corners - called MimmaMà Point for the presence of MimmaMà the only chair specifically designed for all breastfeeding positions - that guarantee functionality, cleanliness, security and privacy to mothers and children. For companies that would support the initiative it will be an occasion of good reputation and word of mouth as well as highly visible possibility to advertise their business and products. Help us to realize the project! Make visible your effort and receive a "Thank you" by many mothers and families. CONTACT US

Let see also the special project for airports "Segui il cuore... Milk & Fly".

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